Sba 1010c business plan

If you cannot bring a completed business plan to orientation with you, then try to bring a draft version so that your BDS can review it with you and give you tips on changes or improvements. This guide uses these two terms interchangeably.

List your short term next 12 months and long-term objectives. In this regard, The S B G A Contracting Consulting and Training provides timely and expert assistance at an affordable price to help companies obtain their 8 a certification. Response times to the questions vary on a question by question basis from 20 minutes to a few hours depending upon the question and its relevancy to the firm.

The SBA is currently taking approximately months to screen, evaluate, and award the 8 a certification from the date of initial submission. Business History, Background, and Objectives When did the applicant form the company? Additionally, we specialize in HUBZone Certification, which allows businesses located in areas defined by the SBA as historically underutilized, to gain access to specified government contracts.

Because so much detailed research, planning, writing and financial analysis is required to develop a solid business plan, GCS Inc. Our firm has designed our services to help our small and medium sized business clients obtain and build federal business.

Mark is a proud alumnus of the University of Kentucky School of Engineering, graduating summa cum laude. You can questions to Government Certification Specialists Inc.

Pulling all the information together in order to complete the document can take weeks. The principal reasons that led to Joe Smith to start this business were: Our Success is Your Success We want to give you the time and guidance you deserve.

Our team is knowledgeable on how to routinely obtain and consolidate information from many federal agency resources. Business Resources What suppliers are used? Your nine 9 year program term begins on the date of this letter.

Must be in business for a minimum of two years and can show two tax returns requirement is waiver able. While your firm's acceptance into the 8 a Business Development program is not a guarantee of contract support, SBA will make every effort to assist you in your marketing efforts.

Getting our foot in the door and securing direct prime contracts with the federal government ABC's biggest obstacle to date has been securing enough bonding.

What are their strengths and weaknesses? C July 23, Mr. Why was the business formed? Now our firm provides all the tools necessary for a beginner firm to become a successful Federal Prime Contractor.


The advantage of this is that our c is very thorough and compiled with the objective of showing the SBA you are taking your 8a certification serious.

What are lines of credit, amount owed, and amounts available? If you want GCS Inc. Ability to enter into the SBA's Mentor-Protege Program to be mentored by a more established company that can also serve as your joint venture partner to pursue larger opportunities. Is there any debt? ABC's major successes are: Like the 8a program, HUBZone approval by the Small Business Administration provides access to specific contracts reserved exclusively for small businesses in the United States of America.

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President's Signature Please Note: For example, describe your business in terms of where it has come from,where it is now, where you want it to go, and how you plan to get it there.SBA Form C: The 8(a) Business Plan is submitted on a special form, SBA Form C.

The form asks 52 detailed questions that are specific to the 8(a) program. The form asks 52 detailed questions that are specific to the 8(a) program.


The SBA 8(a) Business Plan is not a typical business plan designed for strategic vision, receiving a loan or seeking investment in the firm. Form c is designed to determine your businesses objectives and capabilities in fulfilling government contracts and to establish business goals.

* May need to update SBA Form C, the 8(a) Business Plan Mentor-protege joint Mentor-protege joint * More opportunities venture can qualify ventures could to get federal as a small business qualify as small contracts at a Tier only for federal business for federal 2 level prime contracts.

Sample 8(a) Business Plans You can use it to build your own unique business plan and type your responses to each of the SBA C's 52 questions and build an editable document that will be acceptable by the SBA. Certified you must prepare and file the SBA 8(a) Business Plan (c) with your Business Development Specialist at your local.

U.S. SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 8(a) BUSINESS PLAN NAME OF COMPANY: Vinny’s Pizza & Pasta ADDRESS OF COMPANY: 57 th Ave Corona, NY CONTACT PERSON: TELEPHONE NO SBA STATEMENT ON REPRESENTATIVES AND FEES You are not required to use a representative to complete this business plan.

If you chose to hire a representative for. When my firm became Small Business Administration (SBA) 8a certified, I wrote our SBA Form c Business Plan. I am a strategic planner and AICP certified city planner. In the s, I actually worked as a city planner managing transportation improvement programs, capital improvement programs, and comprehensive development plans.

Sba 1010c business plan
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