Causes solution to naxalism in india

Social injustice, exploitation and deprivation are the seeds of extremism, the euphemism for Maoism or Naxalism. Though Borooah finds it hard to explain why criminal activity is lower in Naxal areas than in others, he has a provocative suggestion: Alienation leads to disunity and disintegration.

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The real solution for Naxalism

Otherwise, which politician would like to be seen hobnobbing with people branded as Naxals and terrorists? It may be only a matter of time. The ambush kills 17 policemen and leaves several injured. The landlord was prosecuted and sentenced to serve several years in prison. Universities have turned up to be a pitch for the creation of radical ideologies.

Tribal policies not implemented well: The attack left several others severely injured. He was, by then, a high-ranking Naxal leader. Many of these problems have to do with one simple fact: Naxalism and Terrorism - What and Why? Talking can be a solution to a lot of things; thus, dialogues between the Naxal leaders, who have said to have their hideout as far as Chinaand the government officials can be a way work out a solution.

Now let us talk about the problems. A group of motorcycle borne armed naxals opened fire in the premises of Lakhisarai district court in Bihar. Naxalalism attract people who have poor livelihood like fishermen, farmers, daily labourers and bamboo cutters.

I will refrain from directing my attention to that aspect as it is not relevant to the issue under our discus-sion. Both are equally danger because there is no substitute for death.

Naxalism and its Causes

He straight went to the village headman, a Rajput landlord, and requested him to give his gun. But cutting across this diversity, there are some startling similarities about the condition of people living there.

This robs locals of land and forest resources. The Naxalbari episode The Naxal movement, however, had its first big moment at a small hamlet named Naxalbari in West Bengal hence the name in March On the other hand naxalism also stretches it's hands to our collars and it threatens the piece of our lives.

They are the untouchables per se. Over time, anger builds up. The other daring operation was carried by the Maoists on November 13, when they raided the Jehanabad Jail in Central Bihar, the breeding ground of agrarian extremism.

In Majumdar was arrested by the police and died in Alipore Jail presumably as a result of torture. The media, that vacu-ously claims to be independent as the keeper of the conscience of the nation, has succumbed to the manipulations exercised by vested interests.

One might have noticed that the lowest social order, that is, the Scheduled Castes along with the tribal communities have been sucked into the vortex of extremism.

Besides being the core support groups for the Naxalites, the Dalits and tribals are often manipulated by the Naxals for their own gains. Six police officials including an SHO were killed in the attack.

Top 10 Ways to Finish Naxalism in India

Kameshwar returned much later to his village—may be a decade-and-a-half had glided down in the meanwhile. An inevitable question arises:The government policies have failed to stem the growing inter and intra regional disparities.

The poor people think that Naxalism can provide solutions to their problems. 4. Naxalism: The Maoist Challenge to the Indian State Written by Lennart Bendfeldt, HBF intern, July Abstract The Naxalite armed movement challenges the Indian state since more than 40 years.

It is based on Maoist ideology and gains its strength through mobilizing the poor, underprivileged, discouraged and marginalized, especially in rural India. Naxalism and terrorism are something about which we fear to talk about even. It is only and only we who can change the time.

Without saying much I would say that if we wish to change the times, we need to see a change in ourselves because change causes change. Naxalism: Expression of Socio-Economic View / Law & Order Problem The year was The problem has been in the Indian state's perception of the causes of the Naxal movement.

Government's Perspective. The approach which I find as the solution which will solve the problem of Naxalism is the Social Integration. The tribals and scheduled.

Top 10 Ways to Finish Naxalism in India

Inthe splitting of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), led to the growth of Naxalism in India. This blog’s focus is to track their growth and the changes in their ideologies through the decades.

July Far Reaching Consequences of the Naxalite Problem in India Understanding the Maoist Problem by Shrey Verma.

Causes solution to naxalism in india
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