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Set deadlines, recruit a judging panel and introduce the Contest to the schools public, private and home-schools. He resigned from Jewel Tea, taking an 80 percent pay cut to become president of Club Aluminum.

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When it recently snowed a foot, my neighbor who is older, needed help cleaning his driveway. Rotary Four Way Test for all we think, say, and do: Do not insert graphics.

There are always some serious-minded Rotarians, not to mention skeptics and negative thinkers, who view The Four-Way Test as a simplistic philosophy of dubious worth, contradictory meaning and unrealistic aims. Consider either having the schools submit the essays to you through a contact teacher or have the students submit their essays directly to you.

Why The 4-Way Test?

There was no question this transaction would have made a mockery out of The Four-Way Test the company professed to live by. The District Governor challenged other Clubs to have contests in their local schools and agreed that if multiple Clubs did have contests, he would have their winners vie for District honors and prizes.

Genesis[ edit ] In the early s Herbert J. There is a timelessness in truth that is unchangeable. Four Way Test Life based on the power of strong relationships and good character The Four-Way Test provides a guide for all who value integrity, fairness and strong relationships based on goodwill and friendship.

This question eliminates the dog-eat-dog principle of ruthless competition and substitutes the idea of constructive and creative competition.

Will it be beneficial to all concerned? His recovery plan started with changing the ethical climate of the company. At the R. I have always liked to keep a good reputation, so by being truthful, I can maintain a clean record.

Tested across the world for almost a century, The Four-Way Test is undoubtedly a powerful guide for business, professional and personal life. This article is adapted from a speech given by Darrell, with contributions from Rotarians Douglas W. He resigned from Jewel Tea, taking an 80 percent pay cut to become president of Club Aluminum.

Next, he checked the statement with his four department heads: The club hopes to include students in a future polio fundraising project. He continued to work, reducing it to seven points.

The Four Way Test

He was a man of action, faith and high moral principle. If the people who worked for Club Aluminum were to think right, I knew they would do right. Is it fair to all concerned? The Four-Way Test will guide those who dare to use it for worthy objectives: Taylor set out to save the Club Aluminum Products distribution company from bankruptcy.The origins of the Four Way Test date back to when creditors of a near bankrupt aluminum company assigned the author of the Four Way Test, Herbert Taylor, to save it from further financial ruin.

Competition in the aluminum industry was fierce. The Four-Way Test is a good way to live life in a world of choices. I am one young boy who will put this test to better use.

About the author: Gavin Strauss is a fifth grade student at. The 4-way test was made back in by a businessman named Herbert J. Taylor.

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The test was adopted by the Rotary Club back in as the perfect example of morally handling business. The 4-way test is a full-proof way to get correct answers and can be put to any question.

History of the Four-Way Test. The Four-Way Test, was created in by Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor when he was asked to take charge of a company that was facing bankruptcy.

One of the world’s most widely printed and quoted statements of business ethics is The Four-Way Test, which was created in by Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor.

Rotary 4 Way Test

The Four-Way Test of the things we think, say or do is a test used by Rotarians world-wide as a moral code for personal and business relationships.

The test can be applied to almost any aspect of life. [1]. The 4-Way Test recognizes that the welfare of each individual is linked with the welfare of us all. Used, it can create an attitude and atmosphere in which people can better relate, share and implement ideas.

4 way test
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